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Originally Posted by Cooperman View Post
Is there such a thing as a 1 piece mount, in both 25 & 30 mm, that already have the elevation droop machined into them, therefore eliminating the need to shim the rear mount.

Been doing a google search for a few hours and not really come up with much other than the angle should be about 30 minutes to give an airgun with 800fps any chance of hitting an optically centred scope mounted with med. mounts.

I've seen the adjustable type form Sportsmatch but wondered why no one machines an airgun specific mount?
Probably because it's easier to accommodate several markets rather than just 1.

Steyr do a rail with built in droop, as do some of the custom rail builders, my steyr rail probably has a little too much droop in it for the rig I use.

B-square do a 1 piece and 2 piece mounts that can be adjusted for windage and elevation.

Sportsmatch also various mounts that are adjustable

AOP55 1 piece 25mm adjustable for windage and elevation
ATP65 2 piece 25mm adjustable for windage and elevation
ATP61 2 piece 30mm adjustable for elevation (i've got a set of these on at the moment, simple to setup... much faster and more simple than even the b-square 2 piece)
ATP66 2 piece 30mm adjustable for windage and elevation
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