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Let me be one of the first to wish you luck, a fellow sufferer. I have undergone two discectomies on my spine (L5S1) at the Royal Orthopaedic in Brum but mine were unsuccesful. I hope yours goes well. On each occasion I returned to work within two weeks.

In 2005 I underwent Level 2 spinal fusion. Two discs removed, replaced with titanium tubes which were filled with bone marrow from my hips. Then they attached an "A" frame scaffold to hold it all in place and all this remains in place. This one took me 10 weeks to return to work. I can tell you that it was a major success that gave me a quality of life I missed for years. It's a scary place to be but these doctors are danmed good.

I shoot HFT but I can't sit and arch my back; prone/stand/knee is fine. Good luck, get it over with and enjoy your pain free life asap.
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