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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The second one Connor was 55 or there abouts, I gave it and the other 52 ish one too much wind as i was comparing the disatnce and angle to a couple of practise targets we got at tondu.
Should have given the closer one about an inch and the longer one i could have stayed inside edge!

If the wind is up at our Gp it will be edge of plate at best lol
Simon I got no 9 giving it 53yds and just over a kill and a half from center and it fell over No 10 gave it a bit more windage about 2 kills from centre and managed to hit at 3 o'clock .

For me the orse part was the last 5 lanes, what ever I did was wrong and speaking to my partners they were giving about the same windage and distances. But as these were our last targets to many misses to be sure where I was going.

To be hinest an enjoyable day. Jemma I believe has been winding her brother up since getting home and her Dad now has a new nickname I think Vasily (ie Russian sniper in Enemy at the Gate ) as your title for him says.

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