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Default BFTA Grand Prix 1 North Oxon

As usuall, comments to amuse not to offend.

Proper GP with real wind, how it should be

So much for the Curse of the BFTA Champs!

He may have baught a Duff Lup Comp scope which meant he could not be there in person, but he was with us indogise .

We had to stop Gilly riding round on his back though.

The taffies gather


Dave shot well after a whipping from derk.

He got some Balls that Jack and they aint little

Come on Hopalong

The Gimp club members decide who is taking it first

Poor Steve, I kid you not everytime he sat to shoot the wind went from 1 inch to 3 !

How do you miss a 38 yarder after hitting the 50, watch me

Bloody kids, i am fed up of this one always beating me

El capitano spots the speed camera

Grunbber comes to pose, and then remebers he is meant to be shooting

How many you miss in your first lane Gilly?

little Jack has gone all Zombie??

As I lined up my last two targets, the one across the pond and half way up the Tower of Doom, having already said I was not bothered if I hit them as I was 8 down and would be happy with 10, Woddy let slip he finished 10 down. well done Wooods, it inspired me

Granny corner

Powder puff must having been going like billy today??

Top sporting Lady

Good job your my mate, just make sure you buy a round in Norway

Chubby checks to see if Daves Beard is still growing

Mick looking for the Win

Tommygun blasting away but CANT understand the misses?

Enemy at the Gate?

Chris eyes an oppertunity?

Ian looks for the answer to the wind?

Slaughter by Name and Slaughtered on the course, but he will get 3rd place in C.
well done Jesus.

did he or did'nt he? Fill H'es Walter up with Air?

Russ lines up another

Russ has had enough and is off but remebers he is marking

I dont know how he managed to shoot while suffering with CRABS??

Honerable chair line up another but misses a sasquach passing behind?

Its little Red Riding hood (and purple socks), Ft Fashion is on the slide!!

and I thaught Stu was out of date!

Its Joe 90 ??

Paul can see a fee cup of tea at Gp2 through his 80 Mag March

Look at all those Anshutz spare Holly

Postman Pat puts in a 4 am start and gets home by 10pm?

Small hat not working, back to the Big One?

Want to drop your scores, try a springer

or a daystate

Marklew should have used ESP not an ISP?

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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