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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I think the wind gusts were greater in the morning but the swirly whirlies were probably just as bad (I saw some folk lift and drop the string which landed in a lovely S-shape :-
On one of the last lanes I had adouble S on the string, guessed it would probably go right more so gave inside left edge to see it just hit edge of plate on the left

Originally Posted by neilL View Post
The high tower one (10) was soo close for me - I was well off plate but elevation estimate was spot on ... but the pellet strike was exactly at 3 o'clock but a pellet width to the right of the edge ... soo close :-( As you say - enjoy those that fell over and blank out those that didn't.
Only missed no 10 on the tower,left edge of plate for no 9 and down it went. Gave outside left edge of plate to see pellet hit at 3 o'clock

Originally Posted by neilL View Post
The cock pheasants are always remarkably stupid .. I hope none were hurt in the making of the event, stunt doubles were used and CGI if any "were" :-)
Stupid and suicidal, lane 10 I think (after the standers) one went from right to left so I waited for it to go past before looking through the scope only to see its head come past the other way whilst aiming at it and then go back the other way after the shot was away. They must have known it was out of season and the shotgunners not there
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