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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Twas a good'un. Makes a change to not be about what you missed but being about what you managed to hit.

Think the scores showed that the post lunch lull didn't last long.

Was a good course, and nice to see some "Grand Prix" targets like the ones up the tower. Missed two of them but it did put a smile on my face to give it edge of plate, read off the sloper doper and send the high one flat on it's back... all calculated of course, but no i wouldn't even put a penny on doing it again
I think the wind gusts were greater in the morning but the swirly whirlies were probably just as bad (I saw some folk lift and drop the string which landed in a lovely S-shape :-

The high tower one (10) was soo close for me - I was well off plate but elevation estimate was spot on ... but the pellet strike was exactly at 3 o'clock but a pellet width to the right of the edge ... soo close :-( As you say - enjoy those that fell over and blank out those that didn't.

Very enjoyable day for us at North Oxon too as we use that ground maybe twice in a year (one HFT usually).

The cock pheasants are always remarkably stupid .. I hope none were hurt in the making of the event, stunt doubles were used and CGI if any "were" :-)

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