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On behalf of the Isle of Wight Carisbrooke mob thanks for a good day.

I would also like to thank William and Richard who I was shooting with as being great partners.

I got all standers (fluked the 2 long ones ) and missed 1 kneeler. the highest tower shot (too much wind) and after having a conversation saying that I had set mine up so I do not got a trun out, promptly on the next lane switched off and went a turn out and missed both targets.

The only real area I had problems with due to the wind was the last 5 lanes only got 2 of them and all missed due to the wind no matter what I thought was right was either to much or not enough.

All that same agreat day with conditions to match with sunshine,a short hail folloed by a short rain shower before the sun came out again.

Can not make GP2 as the other siede of the world for work but hoping to make GP3.
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