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heres the results.
theres a card missing so if youre not shown.....sory.
all insults are lighthearted.

m goodsall 56 (it landed in the centre...honest)
l davies 56 (its not over the firing line...honest)
r woods 55 (i wasnt in the zone)
d quincey 55 (it was a tough COARSE)
s griggs 55 (wheres addi when you need her)
s vant 55 (the paint made me miss)
a larkin 53 (just bedding in my new plaffy spring)
d hartness 53 (shouldve rejoined M.A.D)
s deeks 53 (shouldve joined M.A.D)
g ryder 53 (5+ is good enough)
t wheatley 53 (in with the crowd)
pj edwards 53 (shouldve kept the steyr)
s dixon 53 (looks faulty to me lurch)
j stone 53 (i think my crosshairs are wonky)
s eustace 53 (im f*****g s**t
g chillingworth 52 (next world champ)
l hartness 52 (ditto)
r hampton 51 (im off to thorpe hall)
r lait 51 (thats handy)
r bently 51 (wish i hadnt serviced my own gun)
g pickard 51 (the donut didnt help)
k hampton 49 (no 600 this week)
j cochrane 49 (not bad for a starter gun)
pt edwards 49 (ive got to the ROOT of the problem)
m isaac 48 (lets talk about this for an hour)
b brand 47 (when's the next FT shoot?)
r lord jnr 47 (what do you expect, my dad taught me)
i bainbridge 46 (hopping mad)
m lord 45 (what can you expect, his grandad taught me)
b chaplin 45 (what wind?)
p freeman 44 (it was my rose tinted spectacles)
d godwin 44 ( what can you expect, i taught myself!)
c gough 42 (how did the irish do at the rugby?)
c quincey 42 (dad i need a lighter gun)
m holiday 41 (ive fixed my gun now)
s freeman 41 (i dont like a 25yd zero)
f cochrane 38 (i wish id pulled the string first)
p lawrence 38 (should have gone to otmoor)
d walsh 32 (harder than it looks is hft)
steve p 30 (oh!)
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