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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
I've had a Hammerli for just short of a year and touch wood it's been spot on !

It has it's faults " stiff cocking and heavy " but it shoots straight and that's what counts.

I've done a lot of work on mine "check out my album"

First thing I did was change the plastic for wood !!

Then I fitted a Butt hook.

After that I too a hacksaw to the Ally shroud !!! and bit by bit cut it away .

It now is only 4 in long and the barrel part has all gone which means the barrel is " free floating "

The last thing I did was to fit an ally walther air cylinder "30 % lighter than the original "

I'll up date my pictures so you can see how it looks today

All in alll for the money you can't go wrong !!!

Do you have any pics on your mods so that I can get a visial of what you have done? I've seen a rather long thread at a South African forum where the SA importer kind of warned against tampering with the shroud as it is a part of the frame if I understood it correctly. But I do have heard of others that also have done some carving to get the barrel free floating. I am just worried that I might be too unskilled to notice POI shifts and other anomalities by myself.

In general, would you say it is an easy air rifle to mess with, even for a newbie?

What do I have to do to have my dovetail mounts fit?
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