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Originally Posted by luger View Post
My F1 Chrony is reading approx 30-35fps more that it should when I compared it with other chronos. Contacted Chrony in the US and they quoted me $25 for recalibration and $72 postage. With that money I might as well buy a new one.

Just wanted to enquire if there is anybody in the UK that recalibrates F1 Chrony's at a decent price, or should I just bin it and buy a new chrono?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Get A CED M2 Chronograph with Infra-Red Screens, more expensive but accurate & works in all lighting conditions. One of the main reasons Chrony's & other chronographs are inaccurate is the lighting conditions affecting the sensors.

Manufacturers Website

Purchased mine HERE

money well spent, RobF has one too.
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