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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
So says Berty in a sig.

Now Berty has been doing Ft for a long time, and occasionally he gets lucky and scores well

but the statement of understanding ft, how long does it take?

I have come to the conclusion its best not to try.

Back to Tondu today as i wanted to check my 8 -25 yard settings having taken a couple of clicks off at 50m the other day, but not having tested the lower range setting for those pesky 15 ml kills. Having missed far tyo maby at Oaktree sunday it needed doing if I am to clear gp1

So plates out 24ft - 22.5 m and test away. firstly, low end scope wheel range markings are a meter out?
Clicks are 4 clicks (1/4) out at 8 -22.5m.
Good job i am testing i thinks? No chance on those 15 ml sunday otherwise, Like Holly!

So then i start checking my two usuall practise ranges, 40 & 50 m

40m and i am going high. Needs 2 clicks off.
50 m spot on though??

however, today it seems the scope is over ranging, 40 =42.5 50 =52.5?
No perticually bright light which can make the mk4 over range, but usually thats only in bright sunshine. Clouds were over this morning on the whole
I moved the side wheel and range finding was spot on again.

Re checked all 15 ml settings out to 22.5 m and seemed fine, 50m was spot on and all other ranges were apart from 40m where i still neeeded to take off 2 clicks from the settings i have been using for over a year!

whats the bet come sunday all is back to hw it always has been? Hope so

New Gimp coat turned up, top class from Intershoot. Only ordered yesterday.

So, I can now if the rain comes down put up a large canvas marquee for shooters to take shelter in just by stepping out of my new 404!
It fits around the middle which is a new experience for me but its abit big on the shoulder and the arms. Looks funny as hell so thats ok.

Do i use it in Gp1 or not? will find out after zero check sunday morning i guess.

Just hope this bad back goes way, seemed to have twisted something today and could only manage a coupler of standers today before having to put the gun away and head home for painkillers!
Dodgy scope settings, poor fitting gimp coats, and the bad back again......get the excuses in why dont u, ive not shot my ev2 all week, been out twice with my springer, might have to start my own thread "How do u miss with a 20 year old hw77 and a bushnell elite, the anwser "you dont miss very often". if ive got u well beaten before far coley, il shoot the springer at the last gp, and beat u with that as well
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