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Default Commersial woodwork for the Hämmerli AR20 FT?

I try really hard to be pragmatic and rational, but it is to no avail, I always fail as is the case right now. I had come down to either a Steyr LG110 FT or a Hämmerli AR20 FT and finally I decided that it was a Hämmerli I should go for. However, I find it too ugly as it comes so I would like to buy some woodwork for it but my Google search didn't give much. A name on a South African forum is all for now. Have seen some very nice wood stuff for the Steyr though.

Anyone knows how much Gary Cane and his likes charge for their Steyr stuff for comparison?

And please, no suggestions that I do it myself, there is no time for that, nor any patience either.
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