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Just got back from holiday (left the morning after the shoot) and would like to thank you all for your positive comments about your day at Bisley!
We all put a lot of time into building what we hoped was a testing and enjoyable course (helped by the occassional breeze) and would like to think Bisley is a venue you would like to come to again!
I have to agree with Steve's post below, I was surprised at the sheer number of stoppages, having a vested interest in the shoot going well I found myself getting very anctious at every whistle, although I couldn't blame my score on this as I'm a crap shot anyway!!
I'm sure some of it was down to the few un-familiar/non-standard targets we have at Bisley that may cause problems bracketing ect. something to be looked at and discussed at lenght I'm sure.....
Originally Posted by steveggg View Post
One disappointment was the sheer amount of stoppages in sess 1, I know it stressed out a few shooters...

Roger, would you believe me if i told you this.

15 stoppages.

1x String shot off.

1x Target wouldn't reset sometimes- caught on bark.

2x Target had turned - bolt worked loose.


Interesting, there were only 2x stops in session 2, both for loose bolts and turned targets.

Ummmmmm, does this tell us something, ??????, are the session 2 shooters better at recognising a Missed shot.
Thanks to Weevie for his company on the day (keep practicing those short standers mate!) and he's forgiven for not remembering my name, I've got the sort of face that once seen is instantly forgotten!
Thanks also to Clive Turner for letting his new hair get in his way thus enabeling my pathetic score to scrape an un-deserved Bronze!!

Look forward to seeing you all at Bisley sometime soon,

Cheers, Paul Macey (Chairman BFTO).
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