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Default Horray for TOSH

Out with the New in with the Old.

Young Garth was a protege that made a few trips with the Tondu tourers last year, but alas with a 17th birthday later this year His Ev2 has departed to a new Home and so its back with the NJR 100.

Set it up for him this afternoon, a much needed brake from tapping in names and scores being essential!

Got to say it was joy to use that gun again, superb piece of kit especially after John Ostler serviced and set it up. hopefully Garth (JellyFish) will find time in the summer to make a few more Ft trips with us.

Then TOSH turns up to set up a comp x45.
However he first hands back to me a 4.50 sizer, which explains why i could not find it.

As it happens I was doing further tests on the dai 50 exacts, the evening wind having dropped to at worst half a kill at 50m.

Testing Testing

8.5 and 8.3 g at 50m. Both going slightly high. Same for 8.4g so no need to weigh.
However, two clicks off was needed it seemed.

Then i thaught i would, for a laugh try some sized to 4.50.

Very tight groups resulted and despite loosing the 10 fps from sizing, no different in clicks at the 40m+ ranges.

i did notice as with Sunday however my close settings are out, so if i am to give myself any chance of the 15ml kills sunday a quick set up session on 15 ml out to 35 m will be needed Friday?

As it is, Sunday will see the REV using Dai 50, sized to 4.50, unweighed but with a soupsoon of lube.

happy Days???
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