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Default Overthinking...?

Overthinking 'disrupts golf putt'

Golfers who think too much about their technique between shots could be seriously affecting their performance, a study has suggested.
St Andrews University and US scientists said they had established that too much analysis made the golfer's game worse.
They said thinking too much about the previous shot can disrupt performance.
In total, 80 golfers were given shots to practise until they got it right. Those who discussed their putting between strokes took twice as long.
The study found that when the mix of skilled and novice golfers tried again, those who had discussed the shot took longer to get the shots right as those people who had spent a couple of minutes engaged in other, unrelated activities.

"However, what we found surprising is that simply describing one's putting skill after it has been executed can be incredibly disruptive to future putting performance."

He said overthinking did not seem to affect novices because "they probably haven't developed enough skills to forget in the first place" and claimed that top professionals would be less susceptible as they were very focused in their approach.

Prof Anderson said the findings may have consequences for people who take part in other sports.
"This observation may have repercussions for athletes who depend on effective mental techniques to prepare for events," he added.
"Moreover, those who teach golf, or any motor skill, might be undoing their own talent in the process."
Could have some parallels with shooting?
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