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Default Is 7.5J sufficient for FT practice?

I would like to know if 7.5J is sufficient for FT practice in view of that I do not intend to compete this year and more difficulty on the longer targets is accepted? Short, is it doable without too much frustration?

In Sweden we have an upper limit of 10J and above that you need a licence and you cannot get one until you have been an active member for at least six months. I don't care to shoot my China springer for six months so I thought that if 7.5J would do it for a while I could buy a Hämmerli AR20 FT or a Steyr LG110 FT in 7.5J mode and use them until I can apply for a licence.

On the Steyr you only change the transfer port as far as I know. On the Hämmerli you have to change regulator and main spring, or regulator, main spring and pin. Anyone know the level of difficulty for changing the parts on the Hämmerli?
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