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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
I am probably gonna get shot down for this, but during a safety brief it clearly states no person is to cross the firing line except an approved/official marshall. Obviously the marshall will cross the line only after a cease fire has been called.
So are we now saying its ok to partially cross the line?
If this is going to be allowed, can the marshalls have some guidelines as this will be another rule that will be pushed to its max.
As I've already explained the "Crossing the firing line" is talking about walking across the firing line onto a live range, it is not talking about someone having a foot over the line whilst taking a stander/kneeler or a leg over the line whilst taking a prone shot.

If you want to be anal about it then if the firing line goes to the peg everyone holding the peg is over the firing line with their fingers....sometimes we need to use a bit of common sense really

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