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Originally Posted by cozypom View Post
try using a split die that slightly adjustable !!
Thanks, worked a treat! I ordered a split 10x1.5mm HSS die over the internet and it solved my problem of sloppy thread fit.

Previously I used a 10x1.5mm die from my cheap Chinese tap and die set, however after trying my split adjustable die I was able to thread the latch rod end and the cut thread was actually a bit too tight in the TX piston so I readjusted the die and chased the threads to get a really nice tight fit.

Here is a pic of a factory TX piston latch rod and the longer latch rod that I lathe turned and threaded via the split die.....

I did get back some feedback from the gun owner and learned that the lengthened latch rod did function properly, except that the extra 14mm length doesn't allow the anti-beartrap to function as it should.
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