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Default Four Counties Round 1 Cambridge

A fantastic start to this year's Four Counties Competition with an amazing 106 shooters turning up on Easter Sunday.Thank's to all at Cambridge for putting out a cracking course and to Sue and to Waynes good lady for feeding everyone.
Well done to Richard Woods for a brilliant 58 and to all the other winners.... congratulations !!!!

What a gripping spectacular shoot off for third place as two nervous wrecks stood on the firing line. The crowds gathered to watch and were amazed at how many times it's possible to miss a full size kill Kneeling but Knock it over several times standing ... absolutely brilliant fun to be in that situation with one of the nicest blokes in the sport Kevin Turner..

Last but by no means least thanks to Ian Bainbridge for his usual softly spoken input.

See you on the 29th of April at Lea Valley for Round Two...


Class Name Score Club

Open Richard Woods 58 Maldon 1st
Open Simon Vant 56 Maldon 2nd
Open Bruce Marshall 55 Kibworth 3rd after an intense shoot off
Open Kevin Turner 55 Cambridge
Open Dave Goldsberry 54 Kibworth
Open Ryan Charlton 54 Kibworth
Open Lloyd Davies 54 Maldon
Open Matt Edwards 54 Lea Valley
Open Gary Chillingworth 53 Maldon
Open Alex Larkin 53 Maldon
Open Michael Holliday 53 Maldon
Open Terry Wheatley 53 Maldon
Open Ray Hampton 53 Maldon
Open Martin Goodsall 53 Maldon
Open Simon Jones 53 Cambridge
Open Roger Brigham 53 Cambridge
Open Greg Hensman 52 Kibworth
Open Levi Hawthorn 52 Kibworth
Open Greg Hensman 52 Kibworth
Open Dave Allam 52 Cambridge
Open Andy Jones 52 Non Member
Open Geoff Ryder 51 Maldon
Open Dan Measures 51 Cambridge
Open Daniel Ferraro 51 Lea Valley
Open Elliot Compton 50 Maldon
Open Harry Compton 50 Maldon
Open Jeff Westley 50 Cambridge
Open Terry Turner 49 Non Member
Open Glen Pickard 49 Lea Valley
Open Mike Isaac 49 Lea Valley
Open Finn Cochrane 49 Lea Valley
Open George Vant 48 Maldon
Open Will Lander 48 Cambridge
Open Roger Bentley 48 Lea Valley
Open Martin Shane 47 Cambridge
Open Andy Ireland 47 Cambridge
Open Wayne Marriott 46 Kibworth
Open Lloyd Grove 46 Kibworth
Open Dennis Oaks 45 Maldon
Open Ian Sedden 45 Cambridge
Open Alan Sultano 45 Cambridge
Open Justin Rhone 45 Cambridge
Open Ken Phillips 45 Cambridge
Open Mike Salmon 44 Cambridge
Open Graham Mason 44 Cambridge
Open Simon Edwards 44 Cambridge
Open Charlie Lake 44 Non Member
Open Nick Cant 43 Maldon
Open Peter Rattle 43 Cambridge
Open Richard Lander 41 Cambridge
Open Mick Reed 41 Cambridge
Open John Roper 40 Kibworth
Open Robert Burr 40 Cambridge
Open Sharron Butler 40 Cambridge
Open Chris Butler 40 Cambridge
Open Peter Edwards 38 Lea Valley
Open Nick Bishop 36 Cambridge
Open Alan Measures 36 Cambridge
Open Graham Jaggard 36 Non Member
Open Nigel Fleet 32 Cambridge
Open David Butler DNF Cambridge

0.22 Matt Rawlings 55 Cambridge 1st
0.22 Neil Wakering 53 Cambridge
0.22 Wayne Pearce 49 Cambridge
0.22 Pierce Honeywell 44 Cambridge
0.22 Carl Boyes 32 Lea Valley
0.22 Steve Patient 30 Non Member

Springer Stewart Deeks 51 Cambridge 1st
Springer Steve Willingham 49 Maldon
Springer Kyle Hampton 49 Maldon
Springer Steve Freeman 46 Maldon
Springer Andy Yates 46 Lea Valley
Springer Phil Russell 44 Cambridge
Springer Jake Day 43 Cambridge
Springer Kathy Thompson 42 Kibworth
Springer Paul Burt 41 Lea Valley
Springer Andre Riphargen 40 Lea Valley
Springer Phillip Riphargen 38 Lea Valley
Springer Bob Brand 38 Lea Valley
Springer Mark Thompson 37 Kibworth
Springer Andy Day 34 Cambridge
Springer Matt Goodson DNF Cambridge

Ladies Andrea Marshall 54 Kibworth 1st
Ladies Gill Cochrane 51 Lea Valley
Ladies Jean Greatrex 48 Maldon
Ladies Michelle Pullen 47 Kibworth
Ladies Lisa Holliday 47 Maldon
Ladies Liz Osmond 46 Cambridge
Ladies Linda O'Malley 45 Lea Valley
Ladies Brigitte Parker 44 Maldon
Ladies Anne Higgins 43 Cambridge
Ladies Carmelina Ferraro 43 Lea Valley
Ladies Penny Freeman 41 Maldon
Ladies Jenny Stone DNF Maldon

Junior Harry Fallows 54 Maldon 1st
Junior Jonathan Chidzoy 53 Cambridge
Junior Becky Rawlings 49 Cambridge
Junior Tom Willingham 47 Maldon
Junior Alex Honeywell 47 Cambridge
Junior Tom Roper 42 Kibworth
Junior Oliver Fleet 42 Cambridge
Junior Emily Jones 39 Cambridge
Junior Evan Grove 36 Kibworth
Junior Ben Rawlings 30 Cambridge
Junior Willow Riphagen 23 Lea Valley
Junior Anthony Marshall DNF Kibworth
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