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Default Standers

good day today as the Tondu World tourers went on a pre Norway bash.

we could not afford a trip too far so half a miler across the valley had to do, Oaktree FTC the oversees 9well railway track) location.

John Johnson had not made the booking so we pretended Arms Dealer was him.

Tosh got too excited by finding a little patch of mud in the unusually dry grounds and dived in. This meant his fingers were all squelchy so he could not load his Ev2, so he tried scribbling some ranges on his new x45 Comp wheel. Fair play, 4 ranges down not many to go!

Big Mike was hooting very well, no, not a spelling mistake he was hooting well and shooting well!
If he is telling any one by pm he is not well, dont believe him.
Could well be a contender at gp 1 next week on todays form and even, this will upset Dave Semmens, he was even hitting standers in his new slim model guise.

Postman Pat was putting in some good scores but hopefully I have put an end to that by selling him those duff dai 50

REV was going well despite my best efforts.
Least once i made a move a couple of clicks left and could hit a 15 ml kill!
Tried the weighed Dai 50 and then the dai 36. No real difference between them, missed a few for fickle wind but all on form really. Cleared the 4 standers on the first 40 shot course and only missed the longer 38 yards on round 2, but that was just a bad shot by me.
Maybe I should have watched Arms dealer a bit more on the standers
Think i was 5 first 40 and 4 second ex 40.

Dave Gage was doing well but dropped a few late ones as he guided new mike round the course. Think NM enjoyed his introduction to Ft but now has a better understanding of the kit in use.

Best of all and day making was arms dealer. Round 1 and the Blonde ev2 was out. Not the best of rounds but credit due, he finished. I cant tell you his score as i ran out of finers (early) (and toes) and i am not going to mention standers, but he did hit the 8 yarder stander, eventually!

Round two with the old faithfull was much better so happy days for Arms Dealer.

good practise, if the weather holds hopefuly the event can be repeated on Friday in time for gp1?

Cant wait for the GP season to start
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