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Thumbs up Hammerli ar20

Originally Posted by Fat Pep View Post
Hi im looking through the various forums and im seeing quite a number of AR20s for sale ...Why whats up with them ? Are they any use for HFT...Thanks Pete
I've had a Hammerli for just short of a year and touch wood it's been spot on !

It has it's faults " stiff cocking and heavy " but it shoots straight and that's what counts.

I've done a lot of work on mine "check out my album"

First thing I did was change the plastic for wood !!

Then I fitted a Butt hook.

After that I too a hacksaw to the Ally shroud !!! and bit by bit cut it away .

It now is only 4 in long and the barrel part has all gone which means the barrel is " free floating "

The last thing I did was to fit an ally walther air cylinder "30 % lighter than the original "

I'll up date my pictures so you can see how it looks today

All in alll for the money you can't go wrong !!!

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