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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Yes I remember the worlds well.

That is when I shot a 55 & a 58 (not a 59) and came in 23.

I started looking for your scores Chris and managed to get a good dose of RSI, as I had to keep on clicking the mouse to go lower and lower in the table all the way to 119, Thats 96 places below me

So I was having a think, Instead of our 20 bet, how about whoever looses by the end of the season has to Marshal the quarry round next year in a dress?

Let me know your thoughts

Unlike some I do not do dresses not sure how many more I'm going to be able to do to be honest mate, some dickwad in the company has decided that he likes his boyfriend more than me so as of end Aug I'm redundent NFA I'm going out with a bang at the matchplay though, someone is going to get slaughtered
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