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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post

Been thinking of late that I'm not really enjoying every shoot like I used to, I used to turn up, shoot & have a laugh at all comps.. somewhere along the road in the last year it seems this is getting forgotten,especially on bigger comps where it seems that I'm feeling if I don't score over 55 i'm having a bad day .
Has anyone else found this or been through this sort of thing or is it just me ?
I'm going to try to make an effort from now on to enjoy shoots & stay out of politics (that means keeping my trap shut ) like I used to, failing that i'll have to go back to climbing, at least I don't upset anyone doing that. lol.

Ever since you've become Dave's new photo model (couldn't bring myself to write 'glamour model') you've gone all 'touchy. feely'............................................ ...

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