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Originally Posted by skires View Post

I'm not sure what you are doing? Surely it's just a pleasant thread to see when people started shooting UKAHFT, which for me, I'm sure, was 2002. I voted as a current shooter as at the time of voting I'd sent off my form and payment for 2 shoots in 2012. Delete my vote if you wish. No biggy. It's just an internet poll.

Why the other name AGAIN comment? In 2009 I shot the worlds and some Fort shoots as Skires as, at the time, it wasn't a good idea for my now ex wife to see my name on internet HFT comp results. I explained why to Sparky re the worlds. It wasn't like I was trying to con UKAHFT. Why would I? I don't belong or shoot for any club and my scores are recoil and not great anyway. I shot the Nationals with my real name as Sparky explained about insurance. Quite comical looking back but paranoia had set in and a lot to lose.

I'm quite amazed you'd even be bothered to remember or check up. I'm nobody in the HFT world

Col ... or is it Pat ... or Bill ... damn this multi personality disorder.
You were lucky at the worlds in 2009 as we found out before you shot as irrespective of the reason, any shooter booking in & shooting under an assumed name will be banned from all UKAHFT shoots.

Shooters booking in under & shooting under an assumed name are falsifying the section 21 declaration on the booking in sheet , putting our insurance policy in jeopardy & putting the whole sport of UKAHFT at risk....just think of some of the reasons people might want to shoot under an assumed name especially with Juniors involved

Originally Posted by skires View Post
. You're not that bloke that keeps ringing and then saying wrong number are you? I just presumed he had asthma. I've always wanted a stalker. Would you like some photos in various stages of undress with me holding a rifle?
I'll pass on the photos thanks,
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