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Default Rules reminder

Match play

This is similar to the FT Showdown

Round 1 will be drawn out of the hat on the day after that it will go on the Christmas tree affect i.e. winner from group 1 will then go head to head against winner of group 2 and so on, shooters knocked out in R1 will then go into a different comp, the FT shooters call this the “Plate” at the showdown.
Once a winner is decided both shooters to leave the course as no need to carry on i.e. Joe Bloggs and Fred Jones got 4 targets left and Joe is in front by 5 so Fred can’t catch him so that’s game over.
As above there will only be 2 draws on the day one for the start then another needed for the 64 shooters for the “plate” and then that will also go on Christmas tree format.

Round 1 the first 64 shooters will shoot course A ,then for the 2nd round if you shot course A you then shoot course B and vice versa, R3 you will then shoot course C. First round for the “Plate” shooters will be on course announced on the day.

There is nothing stopping people who go through R1 then finding their opponent and start shooting straight away for R2 as this will be displayed on a notice board.


The scoring will be 2 points for a knockdown & 1 point for a plate 0 for a complete miss. Any movement of the faceplate that does not result in the target falling will be scored as a miss unless the target is deemed faulty.


This event will be timed with each competitor be given 1 minute to shoot each target, the timing will start when the competitor enters the designated area & will be continuous. In the event of a stoppage 10 seconds grace will be added to the remaining time & the time re-started as soon as the commence firing signal is issued. Get used to a minute a shot


Each competitor will be allocated a number; tokens bearing these numbers will be placed in a bag & be drawn at random. The shooter who is drawn first in each pairing must shoot first and then go alternatively for the remainder of the competition.


In the event of a tie at the end of the course a pairing must make their way to the shoot off lane, this lane will consist of two targets. Both target will be shot from the prone position in the same order as the course was shot, if there is no winner after shooting prone the shooters will then shoot the same targets from kneeling position in the same order. If thre is still a tie then the target will be shot from the standing position until a winner is decided.


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