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Originally Posted by thesmokindog View Post
2. I'm a crap shot in the wind... Was thinking of doing the MFTA winter league this year but winter = wind, I'll not bother, I don't need to travel around the midlands making a Prat of myself..
Sounds like a lovely day... but the best way to get better in the wind is to shoot in it... it's a bit tough at first, but if you take it on the chin and keep your eyes open you will soon start to get a grip on it. Can't think of a better place to learn than the MFTA winter league as well

Try and miss between the kill and your aim point... rather than trying to keep as close to the kill as possible and watching them fly off out the other side. Trying to group in wind is also a good thing to try... stick a pellet mark on the target, then try and get as many close to it as possible.
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