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Originally Posted by thesmokindog View Post
Hi All

I have just spent the morning at the club zeroing & generally tinkering around. I was the only one in the woods, just me and the wildlife. We run around doing whatever it is we have to do to earn a living and we forget what peace is, no one moaning about bad pellets, scopes, under powered guns, no kids wanting money for this and that, no wife for a few hours etc, etc.

I have decided two things this morning -1. I must do this on my own more often & 2. I'm a crap shot in the wind... Was thinking of doing the MFTA winter league this year but winter = wind, I'll not bother, I don't need to travel around the midlands making a Prat of myself..

All the best and stay safe all of you.

just a bit jealous
horsham hawks

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