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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Bless, he even chokes on the spelling. Ian as Security Occifer I should point out that Mr Chilli has previously scored a rather large/lucky 59 (Although on a lesser course) and therfor a handicapp of 7 is in my view a tad generous
Yes I remember the worlds well.

That is when I shot a 55 & a 58 (not a 59) and came in 23.

I started looking for your scores Chris and managed to get a good dose of RSI, as I had to keep on clicking the mouse to go lower and lower in the table all the way to 119, Thats 96 places below me

So I was having a think, Instead of our 20 bet, how about whoever looses by the end of the season has to Marshal the quarry round next year in a dress?

Let me know your thoughts

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