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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
i was still clear today after 25 shots, and i missed 6 out of the last 15 shots'' ifeel i let my region down and my self,

You did your best. EVERY person in the MFTA team missed a target or more. Its a a team event not just one person. I myself found the bank of targets on the opposite side really tricky where you dropped a few shots, I dropped a shot up there too. Does that mean I let the team down? The best team won and everyone enjoyed the day and banter.
I know I'm not "elite" far from in fact, tell me to sod off if i'm out of order but please dont be so hard on yourself Mark, no need to be, if you did your best then thats all you can do, you gave your all but sometimes it didnt work.
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