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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Need a little pricing help... a chap from the club passed away and left his widow these items, and not being what i've had before i don't have a good clue.

1) Air Arms Pro Target (been told it is a Mk2... silver ribbed reg). Very good nick. It has no air in it, i don't know if that's due to a leak or by design of the owner... not sure on last service. Only thing that i can see that's not standard is a butt plate extension (tastefully done) and some scotch grip tape on the sides of the stock.

2) Tasco custom shop 10-50x56 (1/4 Moa).Mildot. Wheel feels good, but it's only got the small one on. I didn't get a chance to properly look through it... it seemed to be tight ranging on 40x, but perhaps fluffy on 50x, but then i was looking through old leaded glass at 8.30pm. Reach forward sportsmatch mounts.

3) Air Arms TX200 HC, .22 Action very good (dont think there's a scratch on it). Stock minor dings + scotch grip tape. Got a ratchet thing on the side.

I have photos that I can up tomorrow... I know the above prices may vary on the specs, so i'm not sure what to try and get for her...

I might try and get some range time with them to give a better appraisal... what do you reckon?
Hi Rob....would think the PT would step in at 400 quid as it will probably need a full service.

Custom shop (as long as it says "***" on it) would be around 250 (bear in mind the cost of a larger sidewheel)

The TX around 200 maybe a little more.
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