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Default 1st April Round 1 of SIHFT!...

Excellent turnout today with 86 people taking part - look forward to seeing you all at Ford in two weeks!

Congratulations to Tony on the top score of the day, two badges I missed reading out were Rob Appleyard with a Gold and Steve Light with a Silver, team scores are corrected to show the inclusion of Steve Light's score which means three clubs are tied on 250!

First name Surname Club Class Total Score Badge Team
Tony Archer Iden Fern Open 54 Gold Team
Graeme Cargan Oaks Open 53 Gold Team
Bob Pattenden Oaks Open 53 Gold Team
Bruce Stevenson Iden Fern Open 53 Gold Team
Eric Bynum Horsham Open 53 Gold Team
Charles Peal Oaks Open 52 Gold Team
Jason Wells Buxted Open 52 Gold Team
Simon Williams Oaks Open 52 Gold Team
John Carliell Iden Fern Open 51 Gold Team
Charles Coxsedge Oaks Open 51 Gold Team
Andy Simpson Buxted Open 51 Gold Team
Paul Hopper Ford Open 50 Gold Team
John McDonald Buxted Open 50 Gold Team
Darren Mitchell Buxted Open 50 Gold Team
Peter Searle Horsham Open 50 Gold Team
Rob Appleyard Oaks Open 50 Gold
Lyndon Kemp Horsham Open 49 Silver Team
Mike Lycett Horsham Open 49 Silver Team
Rob Simpson Ford Open 49 Silver Team
Chris Roberts Oaks Open 49 Silver
Steve Light Horsham Open 49 Gold Team
Mike Byford Oaks Open 48 Silver
Jon Fairman Oaks Open 48 Silver
Alan Moss Swallows Open 48 Silver Team
Chris Tyhurst Oaks Open 48 Silver
Keith Bean Buxted Open 47 Silver Team
Nigel Buchan Buxted Open 47 Silver
Tim Clark Oaks Open 47 Silver
Ben Davies Buxted Open 47 Silver
John Herbert Oaks Open 47 Silver
Sam Robinson Buxted Open 47 Silver
Mitchell Skinner Iden Fern Open 47 Silver Team
Nigel Tostevin Oaks Open 47 Silver
Derek Watson Horsham Open 47 Silver
Philip Jacobs Horsham Open 47 Silver
Barry Blackham Ford Open 46 Bronze Team
Spencer Hayward Oaks Open 46 Bronze
Justin Roberts Ford Open 46 Bronze Team
Chris Silcock Horsham Open 46 Bronze
Mark Coshall Visitor Open 46 Bronze
Rob Hobson Visitor Open 46 Bronze
Richard Chase Ford Open 45 Bronze
Andrew Davidson Iden Fern Open 45 Bronze Team
Sadie Davidson Iden Fern Open 45 Bronze
Alan Miles Oaks Open 45 Bronze
Darren Cruttenden Iden Fern Open 44 Bronze
Colin Davidson Iden Fern Open 44 Bronze
Stuart Peal Oaks Open 44 Bronze
Eddie Phillips Ford Open 44 Bronze
James Sellwood Horsham Open 44 Bronze
Dave Skinner Iden Fern Open 44 Bronze
Adam Stennar Buxted Open 44 Bronze
John Turnbull Buxted Open 43 Bronze
Derek Forder Oaks Open 43 Bronze
Constantine Christophi Swallows Open 43 Bronze
Tim Roberts Horsham Open 43 Bronze
Terry Aiken Oaks Open 42 Bronze
Beth Hughes Swallows Open 42 Bronze
Jon Kelly Buxted Open 42 Bronze
Damien Burke Oaks Open 42 Bronze
Keith Crawley Horsham Open 40
Chris Williams Iden Fern Open 40
Steb Martinez Ford Open 39
Gary Morrisson Ford Open 39
Nigel Williams Iden Fern Open 39
Kathryn Follis Ford Open 39
Gordon McPhail Horsham Open 38
Dave Howard Oaks Open 37
Kyle Woodhams Horsham Open 33
Dave Simmonds Ford Open 32
Les Gunter Oaks Open 30
Josh Long Swallows Junior 50 Gold
James Parnell Horsham Junior 41 Bronze
Jack Williams Iden Fern Junior 37
Eli Derrick Swallows Junior 36
Ryan Stennar Buxted Primary 42 Gold
Daniel Long Swallows Primary 40 Gold
Pat Fitzgerald Ford Recoil 49 Gold
Bob Morris Ford Recoil 40 Bronze
Dave Walden Swallows Recoil 40 Bronze
Eli McCullough Swallows Recoil 39 Bronze
Dave Watson Visitor Recoil 35
Matt Dann Oaks Recoil 34
Conrad Wells Buxted Recoil 32
Linda Morris Swallows Recoil 23
Colin Shevill Oaks Recoil 19

Oaks 261
Buxted 250
Horsham 250
Iden fern 250
Ford 240
Swallows 223
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