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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
I will try the defiants one day, just to lay to bed in my own head wether they are actually crap or not. IT's only fair I do so.. I have a feeling most of the pellets off the production line are heavy for FAC rated rifles though... ??

Which we know work better..
Defiants - Are the lightweights

7.50 Grains in .177 4.48/4.50/4.52
14.00 Grains in .22 5.48/ 5.50 / 5.52

We added FAC at later Stage
15.00 Grains in .177
18.00 Grains in .22

Not forgetting the Pax Range is for ever growing and being traded under different names
As made for different manufactures - Logun Penetrators / Exterminators / Rangemasters/
FX / Hatsuns etc........

As state machines are running @ full capacity ..........

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