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Default Painfull day

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Well, as long as I shoot as well as Dave did iin last years Gp season i will take todays misses.

38 yards stander to start, I was rock steady, put the dot just inside 9 oclock and thaught about firing. Off went the pellet, cross hair stuck in place.

Target however malfunctioned and did not fall over

I really could not believe I had missed and even for half a second thaught of calling it lol.
Guess it somehow had cleared the kill. To top it off the 12 ish yard stander, Again rock solid, thaught about tartet 1 for a few seconds and then decided to fire.
Just before that however the puff left me, my slightly bigger than normal Belly deflated and the cross hair dived for cover, my pellet loining Dave Semmens one well clear of 6 oclock.

Not a good start

however, the difference this year is confidence. I know i have the kit with the exacts and so head up i kept going, least till target 5. Cleared the 52 ish yards target 3 and 44 ish t4.
t5 i think was 40 m, inside 9 edge only to see the pellet clear 3 by half an inch

good job i braught a spade as it really was time to dig in.

I knew that the "Vulture" was 3 down after four shots so again head up, dug in and fire at anything that moves.

Cleared the rest of the course despite the artist formally known as "Fake" turning up towards the end of the course and purchasing himself any where that looked like a good branch to strike from lol .

The start of the course was tough enough, but i and a few others i talked to thaught it tappered off a bit in the later lanes. Ranges were quite short really which meant clawing back early dropped targets was near impossible.
Heard a few grumbloing about some of the target placings, some of the vertically challenged shooters had to take the odd target kneeling (ala Italy) where the rest of us right height types could just about see it sitting. Twigs occasionally had to be avoided and the last standing lane was not a flat shooting platform, you were leaning back which made the 40 yard stander far tougher. Even saw Calps miss the 18 ish yard second stander target! however, the firing line corse new to me and on the whole not bad.
God pair of kneelers to finish on, think it was 40 and 20 ish yarders with nice inclined angles.

Strange thing happened then as the wind blew and 10 notes fell from the sky.
Either that or Vulture, much to his disgust was forced to hand over my Free Burger food in the shape of a nice 10 note.
easy money

Fair play mark your a good Sport and if Vulture is not a name you want, pick another. eg, loser

You have the gp series to try and win it back, should be good fun.

Actually the best thing about today was, "the day".

although for me as grading officer inters is actually the end of the winter season, for Shooters its the start of the season.

it was great to see the scottish lads down plus all the other Ft faces from around the country, not sure but it seemed a huge entry for then Champs
Good turnout out from Swefta region today plus of course the old faces from our Winter MFTA hunting grounds and those funny Northern types. Ft people really are a great bunch and its a huge part of the enjoyment for me.

Hope sunday is another great day and shall be online awaiting Results.

19 stone today, will be 18 by gp 1 and then yes, a Top 10 place is the aim for this season?
Well done fat bloke, cant beleive u hit the last two standers, u were swaying like a drunken welsh man pure luck i would say, losing a tenner aint that bad, ive won 150 in the last two weeks, so technally im still 140 quid up as for nicknames yours is "JABBA" until u lose a stone
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