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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
I am unable to do a anything with teams this year due to my illness .
Proving all goes well this year with my operation I will be doing something with a team next year
Good luck to all
Sounds good Mike, hope you're on the road to recovery, if not, soon. I'd like to do something good again next year, but we have to give them some chance, we can't have Walther winning it every year. We proved it could be done, and showed it was no fluke, that will be enough for the moment.

Dunno, if all goes well, perhaps we could have a springer only team... go hunting for some scalps.

I think the champs should be opened up to a wider intake. The constructor aspect is quite widely stretched as it is. I could see it being something of interest to the trade... Team Intershoot? Team BAR? Team Texaco would be nice
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