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Default Gimp jackets

Just a thought on this post....I myself wear a Shooting jacket for field target. commonly known as a 'Gimp Jacket'. And yes we`ll just say to save time that I am a gimp, no a dewarf cant gimp even. Now my points this, ban shooting jackets in the classic thats fine, I`m not wanting to see them used thats not what I`m driving at. But can someone tell me whats the difference between a gimp shooting jacket and you guest it, a padded motor bike jacket! Not a lot?? just a bit of anti slip rubber under the arms? who knows maybe an advantage. So if your changing the rules why not make it no leather padded jackets at all and give the chief marshall the power to assertain if he feels that the jacket being worn is a 'shooting jacket' and giving that competitor an advantage and so be made to remove it. The problem is what is a shooting jacket?

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