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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Steve you have been acting like a tw@t

You have now posted like a tw@t

Next I guess you will be part of that social networking site known as ' twatter ' !

......... welcome to my world

The moment you take any sport too seriously there is a chance that you will stop enjoying it , shooting for scores is a good one - shoot for fun and if a good score comes along then thats a bonus . It's not major secret that I got too involved in this sport and all it brought me was a massive headache which in turn meant I no longer enjoyed HFT , even the banter had sadly gone .

If someone cheats , let them cheat - I have a lot of bronze badges that I cherish because they were all won in the proper sense of the word !

Don't beat yourself up ( there's a queue of people that will slap you for free anyway Stephen ) when your scores drop or you have a bad shoot .

Just remember Steve that no one likes you except Beth .... and she's random anyway so doesn't count

The southern Hunters is just around the corner

Couldn't agree more Dave. The sport has lost much since I started 10-12 years ago. It has also gained much but only the individual can decide which.

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