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Default SFT (Sporter Field Target) - why not give it a try?

I've just read that there might not be an SFT class at this year's NEFTA Classic, owing to a lack of participants.

Having shot SFT for a few years, I find it hard to understand why more people don't shoot in the SFT class on a regular basis - after all it's effectively the same as normal FT but with the extra challenge of not being allowed to use scope parallax to range-find.

To me SFT combines the best of FT and HFT - the long range precision possible from most shots in the (comfortable) sitting position, along with the simplicity/purity of unaided rangefinding - but without having to lay in the mud on an HFT course!

Relying on "human eyeball mark 1" for ranging is to me far more satisfying than trying to make a scope do what scopes were never intended to do! Sure it's a bit more difficult than regular FT and it requires some understanding of trajectory but I thought most people in FT liked a challenge?!
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