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Steve you have been acting like a tw@t

You have now posted like a tw@t

Next I guess you will be part of that social networking site known as ' twatter ' !

......... welcome to my world

The moment you take any sport too seriously there is a chance that you will stop enjoying it , shooting for scores is a good one - shoot for fun and if a good score comes along then thats a bonus . It's not major secret that I got too involved in this sport and all it brought me was a massive headache which in turn meant I no longer enjoyed HFT , even the banter had sadly gone .

If someone cheats , let them cheat - I have a lot of bronze badges that I cherish because they were all won in the proper sense of the word !

Don't beat yourself up ( there's a queue of people that will slap you for free anyway Stephen ) when your scores drop or you have a bad shoot .

Just remember Steve that no one likes you except Beth .... and she's random anyway so doesn't count

The southern Hunters is just around the corner

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According to the myth, Pandora opened a container releasing all the miseries of mankindógreed, vanity, slander, envy, piningóleaving only HOPE ( + airguns ) inside.
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