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Originally Posted by Gilogrt View Post
Very nice indeed. I'm doing one at the moment so appreciate the work that goes into making one. I'm at the shaping stage which is where I'm flustered. My ADHD is great for logical thinking and problem solving but doesn't acknowledge the virtue of artistic licence!
Keep them coming.
I'll put up the rest of pictures in order of how I do it,but if you start from the trigger and work back to the butt pad and do the for end last it make it easier to clamp it down to work on.

Originally Posted by poth View Post
so how mutch did the blank cost and from where did it come also how long did it take to come
It cost about 240 all in form Cousineau Wood Products USA and was about 5 week to ship it.

Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
Stunning work Shame its got a Rapid in it
I no some rapids are not that good but I'm using this because I shoot just as well with it as my Walther. I've owned it from new and it's over 14 years old and I'll never sell it.

I love my Rapid more then any rifle I've ever owned or shot !
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