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Originally Posted by rich View Post
The longest one measures 54 yards near enough; Pete's rangefinding system had it OK,
Thanks for that Rich.

The reason I've gone down this route is that even with a 1000 Leupold competition 40x I couldn't range-find as my eyes took a turn for the worse a couple of years ago.

I could take six different readings at the same target and they would be radically different to each other, net result I was back to guessing how far away the target was.

I had a lot of time on my hands (actually on my back) two years ago when I broke my neck (in three places), my back (in three places) & 12 ribs. I got down to designing a reticle that was designed specifically for ranging field targets. I took a little maths & some research. I found a company that specialises in this sort of work & had a glass etched reticle produced. I put it in my scope a fixed 16x Falcon Menace.

I used it last year to come 5th in B Grade for the GP's & 3rd in A Grade for the SWEFTA league.

I hasten to add that this may not seem like top results, but my Steyr failed four times during competition & had to go back for repair four times & I had to use my Weihrauch HW100K for a number of different competitions. I used the same scope all season.
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