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Hi all,

Hope everybody is ok for Sunday????

Here are directions if anybody is unaware how to get there and you will need your BFTA numbers.

See you Sunday

It's at Curridge near Newbury.
Go up the M4 and get off at Junction 13.
Head south on the A34 but immediately turn left into the SERVICES area. This is a maze of small roundabouts.
Look for the signposts for DONINGTON and follow them.
It takes you out of the services complex and you head south on a straight road with the main A34 dual carriageway on your left.
After about half a mile there is a left turn that goes over a bridge over the A34, and I think it says 6ft 6 ins width limit. This is the turn you want.
It is a narrow lane that goes through woodland.
About a mile along you will see some posh executive homes on the left. The entrance to the shoot is on the right, just by these houses. There should be a BFTA FT sign but knowing them it will be A4 at the biggest



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