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Originally Posted by walton8684 View Post
im thinking of buying a new scope in near futcher
has anybody got or used the above scope
whats the clarity like [compared to falcon t50/big niko]
what is min focus adjustments
many thanks
Weaver clarity is in a higher league than either the T50 or even the latest big nikko. From memory min focus on mine is approx 17y, stick a 50ft adapter on and you get the rest.

Ease of rangefinding, not as snappy as the 2 side wheels mentioned, but very repeatable once you are familiar with it.

1 major advantage over the sidewheels is weight, or lack of it (approx half the weight). I've not done FT for a bit now, but kept mine and use it for pellet / accuracy testing when there's no substitute for bigger mag.

1 disadvantage you may find is it's a very fine ret, never lost mine though.
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