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Originally Posted by gasman1 View Post
out of interest paul. does your springer prefer a loosish pelet or a tightish or just somewhere in the middle..... ish? my 97 doesnt seem to like a looseish fit. it likes snug, but not tight. just wondered if yours was the same?
The Prem's are a VERY tight fit in the barrel "Out of the box" ,so much so that it makes your thumb sore pushing them in, so i have always sized them down to some extent. The prem's are a quite hard pellet compared to the JSB and clones so in that repect it does make a difference when sizing them down. Even when i tried sizing them down as far as the TR Robb sizer would go the rifling still left even marks on the head and skirt and on the range there was no noticeable accuracy change, i did find that they coped a bit better in the wind though. Again no marked difference between the sized prems, JSB's, Mossies.
Tried Bis mags in it to check over the chrono and it did feel a little more harsh... wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't felt it for myself.
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