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Hi All
On Saturday I went over to the Castle Fun Shoot where I was being helped/coached by Neil to zero my EV2 MK3 (I'm new to shooting) I'm sure as you know Neil calls a spade a spade and after firing off a few pellets at the 30 yard target on the zero range politely told me my gun was s***t as it was grouping like a "watering can rose". The next question was "When did I last clean the barrel" which I replied” I hadn’t”.
Neil then gave me my first lesson in barrel cleaning, the crap that came out on the first pull through was incredible, we did two more then back to the range.
After the next few shots at the 30 yarder a wry smile came across Neil’s face and said he was now getting pellet on pellet and at 55yard was getting groups smaller than his thumb nail.
Needless to say I now have all the cleaning kit ordered and on its way.

Zenith Air Arms FTP 900 Leup Comp
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