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Si , i dont know who youre trying to kid with the comment about your ground being " not that big " . Ive been there on a number of occasions & the scope you have to vary target placement is almost endless , in my mind .

I bet i could go round the gp course at tondu later in the year & pick at least 25 more lanes out to set a shoot up from .......that may just juggling the firing line a bit on some lanes or on others use a totally different angle .So that comment wont wash with me , im afraid.

Holly , the comment you make about having " whiteout " on the anston gp surely turns your argument for " no home advantage " upside down , to say the least . Take this for a scenario , im shooting with you at the gp mentioned & as you say you turn a corner & start getting sun down the scope & start struggling to range targets .Im in the same boat as you but ive had the same targets out for weeks before & shot em to death in all light conditions & whether i can get a true range on em or not i know how far they are & therefore have a major advantage over you & the rest of the field . True or not ????

cheers calps .
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