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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Just occurred to me to ask.

So, if you size a 4.52 down to say 4.48 the fps drops i.e. the ft.lbs. drops. If the power is then near the limit (hot day rather than deliberate e.g. BFTA chrono checks) it might very well be over the limit at the original size? I would assume that for chrono testing you would have to use un-sized pellets? (taken the other way - if sized pellets were used to pass the chrono a less ethical competitor might then use unsized ?? ).

BFTA Main Shoot Rules 3.c

Thinking about it a sized pellet is pretty obvious on visual inspection so the Chrono Marshal ought to be able to deal with this.

if you want to go that far Neil a competitor can just lie about a pellet.
I`m shpoting 8.4 exacts now but could easily say that i am shooting 7.9 or even 7.3 Rs come the chrono, in the uk i have never seen a pellet weighed at a chrono and i have always loaded my own pellets with out them being checked?

I would prefere to believe most of my fellow shooters are as honest as i am though.

at the worlds in Italy they weighed each pellet each of the three days.

Originally Posted by palmanda View Post
I think a lot of this shooting lark is in our heads, if your confident in your gun,scope,pellets then you will shoot better

The reason I started this thread is every 10 shots or so I get a flyer it could be me or wind or pellets who knows?

or I could just a crap shot
your results will tell you how good a shot you are?

I definatley see less fliers with sized pellets.
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