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We have held two GPs at out ground . highest score on the first with little wind but some very high targets was 47 , second on almost the same course was a lot less as it was windy . we will not hold another as quite a few so called shooters complained that the course was the same as the last one . not true but similar . but did they slaughter it , no they did not . ottmoor use a similar course most times . but it is big so nobody say's much about it . at anston a couple of years back ( marshalled course ) when they used the downhill course and then back up along the wood . i was clear going down . no sweat . turned around and started back up the hill and the sun behind me got in the scope and i missed 4 . nothing to do with not knowing the course . just not being prepared with a hoody . nope i am happy to shoot any decent course the lads put out , old or new . ??? HOLLY
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