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Originally Posted by shinything View Post
Hi I have just got a nikko mk1 with a sharkfin and large top turret Barry Taylor ones I think. I went to the farm today to put in all my ranges and markings and really I just wasted. The whole day I have the scope on high adjustable sports match mounts and risers. I was hopeing I could get all the range markings in with out rotating more then once, I started at 10 and went up 1 yard all the way to 20 at 20 it was back at 10 again and 25 took it past the 10 :-(

Am I missing something or going about this all wrong or what? Please help me :-(

I suggest you centre the top turret, then using the adjustments on the mounts, get it zeroed at 30 yds. Then lock off the mounts and use the turret to get all your ranges on, start out at 55 and come in. As Shaun has said, with a high scope you may not be able to stay on one rotation of the turret, you have to decide whether you want to go more than one turn or use mil-dots/lines for the close ones. Personally I use mil-dots for anything under 17yds.

I'm not sure what "clicks" the MK1 Nikko has, but say for example it has 1/4 clicks, that means that each click moves the poa 1/4 of an inch at 100yds, that means that at 10 yds one click moves the poa one tenth of 1/4 of an inch, that's why you run out of clicks close in.

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