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I know of what mr c speaks of i have been to shoots and shot with people who have made comments like "i normaly hit that target" and you cant help notice that the firing line path has a deep rut of eroded soil where the firing line has been for 18 months..
It is down to the hard work of course constructors that we all get to enjoy the day out be it for goood or bad results but i feel when i have shot some courses cant help but think some more imagination could have gone into the course. The courses i usualy do well on are what most people consider a nightmare i.e differnt angles lanes here there and everywherek, theese courses make me think about the targets more.. The courses i suffer on are the ones where there are 2 targets in a straight line and the next lane is to the left 4 yds away and another 2 targets in a straight line because i rely on the copying what i did on the last lane. I know when ive shot well on a good course because im mentaly exhausted..
I think that with no matter how little ground you have a little imagination can work wonders. I think this is what mr c is trying to get accross that with a bit of effort the course can be changed from the norm for big events to something that will allow everyone to present a score based on their shooting abilities those been
Range finding skills
Wind Judgment Skills
Good technique
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