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Ok then , holly & si .
Come a gp on your home ground for instance . we all arrive & there is a thick fog . You can just about make a 55 yard target out with the naked eye . That fog lingers to the same degree all day . Everyone struggles to range the targets but they all manage to shoot the course ........ a person that openly admits to having shot the course before & also admits knowing the range of every target on the course , That person wins the shoot by a margin of ( for instance ) 4 clear shots ? To me theres a bit more than " home advantage " involved under those circumstances , Wouldnt you agree ?

With regards to making sure that no targets are over range...... what we do is . a couple of members who dont shoot any open shoots are asked to go round & check any targets that i think maybe near the limit & they would never divulge any information to anyone .If any are found to be illegal , they move the target or the firing line to suit .

Cheers , calps
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